Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Day

We live in Iowa and Iowa Caucus Day (Thursday) is almost here. The political scene is heating up something fierce. Depending on which poll you trust, either Clinton, Obama, or Edwards is leading the pack for the Democrats; and either Huckabee or Romney for the Republicans. Today we went to see Obama as he was at my daughter's school, and it is close to home. These are just a few photos that Alex snapped as she was 5 feet from him in the front of the stage, while I was about five feet behind him (sitting rather than standing, as I am neither young, nor stupid).


Rick said...

Saw the man did ya? What did you think?

Happy New Year. I'm having a give-away over at my blog to celebrate my one year anniversary. No gimicks - just fun. Please come over and just post a comment for a chance to win.


Patti G. said...

Very neat Chris and great pictures Alex! WOW, so close! You girls hob nob with the next Presidents and families! How fun!

Lin said...

Gracious!!! SO CLOSE! I am amazed as you wrote to the group just how CLOSE folks can get to these candidates -- I suppose for those of us so far away from the political arena it really is something awesome --- ! 15 below 0 windchill ... BRRRR!! It's going down to 20 here and I've already got the electric blanket on! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!