Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Summer of Change

In April, my son got married-a week later, my parent's home was flooded. In May, my daughter, who finished high school in January, officially graduated. In June, my daughter, who started her college courses in January, made the President's list for getting a 4.00 GPA. On June 18, I turned 55-a milestone for many-I almost missed it because birthdays really are not on my radar. I still thing I am young, thin and cute. A healthy imagination is good for the soul!! On June 21, my father had an accident at home-on June 25 he died. Since he had been suffering from bone, kidney, bladder and whatever else cancer possible, this was a blessing as the pain is gone. Since then, I found a facility for my mom-she has Alzheimer's; I put the family home of 53 years up for sale and sold it within 24 hours; started boxing, gifting, selling and packing all of the homestead. I came back to my home on Sunday and will work through this week and weekend, and then head out on my annual vacation to the east coast. While I may not be doing art of my own for a bit until things get a bit settled-I look forward to seeing your art and will find comfort in it.

Love to all! And this photo is of a cake I fell in love with. A co-worker of mine was married on June 21 and I just thought this cake was too much fun! Enjoy!!