Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter is Officially Here

It is very foggy today and this evening. Dangerously foggy. This photo is of a small Japenese Maple less than 2 feet from where I stood. The two giant hundred plus year old Oak trees less than 2 feet behind it are not visible. The strange orbs are not moisture on the lens-that is the pea soup consistency of the fog. Bizarre to drive in-almost makes you dizzy and very hard to keep a sense of humor as folks pull out in front of you, and you know it was because they could not see you! Flights have canceled and interstates and roadways are closed cleaning up accidents. Idiots running into idiots who are following too close, driving too fast. The good news is that tomorrow's blizzard should bring us relief from the fog. Yikes!!!


Patti G. said...

We have fog too Chris, I cannot see the house across the street! What the heck! And we have a drastic drop in temps coming tomorrow and long with that......the snow! Waaaaaaaaaaa!
Hang in there and stay safe! Driving is not good!!!!!!!

Pattio said...

Hi Chris,

Geepers, you have been getting some wild weather! You be extra careful now. I love all your vintage Xmas cards. Wow! you have been busy. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Hugs Pattio