Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Studio Part Two

My stdio is an L shape. In this part of the L are my Iris Carts. I use the mini carts stacked two high-perfect fit under the slanted part of the walls. The first four rows you see are all wood mounted stamps-the rows after that are unmounted. My stamps are primarily sorted by manufacturer. The remaining stamps that don't fit that sort are sorted by theme: western, nature, Asian, holiday, alphabets, sentiments, and so forth.

On the opposite side, the iris carts hold secret treasures: my carving materials and carved and uncarved blocks; wonderful ephemera; vintage photos; cabinet cards; collage papers; trims and slides; frames and labels and just about anything else you can think of!

Around the corner you will find paper stackers which hold my card stock and the text weight paper I use in books. Also my pads of watercolor, tracing paper, vellum, old report cards, miscellaneous papers and paper products. Next to the stackers are some bigger and deeper Iris carts. Two of the drawers are filled with wonderful 12 by 12 scrapbook papers; a third drawer holds large paper scraps and the top drawer is filled to the brim with dye ink pads. On top of that stack of drawers are all of my reinkers for my dye ink pads and my label markers.

And finally, my primary desk. This is where I make art, carve, cut fabric, and do just about everything. The main part of the desk is generally clean-I like lots of space. I have a tendency to trash the floor around me, so I use empty plastic shoe boxes to catch scraps and supplies that need to be put away.

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